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Native to Nashville, Daniel Donato, at 22 years of age, has acquired a tenure of musicianship that spans 11 years of vast performing and recording experience. Cutting his teeth on Lower Broadway, by first busking on the streets for tips, he then very quickly landed one of the city’s most well known residencies with The Don Kelley Band. Daniel’s name quickly grew around the city and the nation’s guitar scene. He then, at the age of 18, released an internationally published and distributed book and DVD on his philosophy of guitar playing and musicianship with the nation’s best selling publisher of music instructional material, Hal Leonard. His stint with this group received exposure from Southern Living, Garden and Gun, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal. Thousands of hours and thousands of shows in the Honky Tonks of Nashville led Daniel to the influences that make up the dichotomy of his musical sound today such as Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, and Merle Haggard.

“When I was 16, one of the first places I ever drove to by myself was to an east Nashville dive bar to see Sturgill Simpson play to 5 people.” Sturgill’s approach to experimentation of jam music with a basis of country sound is a new door into the genre that Daniel aims to have a strong foot in. The outlaw country energy combined with the free will following of the muse with jam based music is a developing scene with the nucleus being Nashville, Tennessee. Daniel’s first release of music, a 3 song EP titled Modern Machine, is inspired largely by this renaissance, the local color of Daniel’s musical and lifelong home. Written from November 2016 to December of 2017, this collection of music is a picture of time capturing Daniel’s first efforts as a singer and writer, alongside his experienced identity as a guitarist.

Daniel’s touring experience with his own solo endeavors and The Wild Feathers has brought him to 5+ countries and various late night television outlets with Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Meyers. He has also achieved personal praise from musicians John Mayer, Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson, Chris Shiflett (Foo Fighters) and Derek Trucks.


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DD Highlights

  • Over 100 shows played in 2017 - all of which were self booked.
    • Roughly half were local Nashville shows. The best selling local show was April 14th, 2017 - hit capacity at a little over 100+ tickets.
    • Other touring stats from my latest solo endeavors out of the city
      • Knoxville TN (2/13/18) - 95 tickets sold - $8 a head
      • Bloomington IN (2/15/18) - 78 +tickets sold - $7 a head
  • Nearly doubled following on social’s from 20k on Instagram to 43k+/ from 5k on FaceBook to 9.3k
  • July 2016-October 2016: Regular performing musician at the Grand Ole Opry
  • January 2016-June 2016: Toured with The Wild Feathers; visited 5+ countries, played the Ryman auditorium, several music festivals, and did 45+ nation wide shows.
  • Notable venues/festivals performed:
    • Austin City Limits ‘16 & ‘17
    • Crossroads Music Festival (MSG)
    • South By Southwest ‘16 & ‘17
    • Pilgrimage Music Festival ‘16 & ‘17
    • Jimmy Kimmel Live!
    • Late Night with Seth Meyers
    • The Howard Stern Wrap Up Show
  • Endorsers/Sponsors:
    • Ernie Ball Strings
      • Featured on the “Family” roster; printed on every unit of strings sold globally.
    • Fender Guitars
      • Featured in both national and international advertising campaigns to promote of the company’s highest grossing models, the Telecaster.
    • Music Man Guitars
      • Featured to promote the company’s line of 2017 guitars in a national advertising campaign in print, online, and through live performances.
  • 1000+ show experience of 4 hour long shows in Nashville Honky Tonks, (a cheap or disreputable bar, club, or dance hall, typically where country music is played.)
    • 500+ performances at Robert’s Western World (Nashville Scene 8+ consecutive years voted Best Live Tourist Venue)
  • Featured Press
    • Guitar Player Magazine
    • Premier Guitar Magazine
    • Collectible Guitar Magazine
    • Rolling Stone Magazine


Collectable Guitar Magazine
July 2016

Guitar Player Magazine
December 2015

Guitar Player Magazine
September 2017



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