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Episode #2: Tyler Bryant

Tyler Bryant is a boss in the new wave of modern rock and roll. Especially as a guitarist, having acclaim from ZZ Top, AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, Blackberry Smoke, and more, he is a literal machine of music. Opening shows around the world that service fiery fans of 60,000+ in size to headlining venues that fill with sweat and sincerity of 500+ head banging individuals, he and The Shakedown will not be stopped. The Stratocaster wielding hero of the Rock and I talk about touring in today’s climate, how ‘your’ story begins in ways much more organic and bigger picture than you can ever imagine, and how to stay inspired and fresh in the times of Ego-Crushing or Ego-Enhancing social media presence. He also talks about Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown’s fresh effort of ‘Truth and Lies’ now available everywhere your ears hear sounds.