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I wanted to update y’all on how the tour has been! We just did our third weekend out. I’ve gotten several new guitars from Fender like the new Acoustasonic and Fender Ultra Telecaster. I also am messing around with the PRS Baritone SE model. Rockit Music Gear is making all of my straps. One even has LED! DANG! I’m using my old 1966 Fender Pro Reverb again. It is the familiar things that are the home for where our True Tone is discovered. We have a BRAND NEW LIVE CD for sale at the shows; high quality bootlegs called “Danny’s Picks Vol. 1,” just like Dick’s Picks, but in my own way. We’ve sold out 2 of the 8 shows we’ve played. We’ve hit the target of 100+ people on over half of them. We are seeing new faces, familiar friends, and overall community growth in each town I visit. The #COSMICCOUNTRY Club is real. Y’all are making the shows everything they can be. I’m recording each show and making them all available once the tour is over. For now, we have Psychedelic Fractal 1080P videos you can watch on YouTube! For those of y’all that like to get lost! Thank you ATL and Raleigh for selling us out. I love everyone and feel like a superhero each day to be able to add color into the lives of everyone who comes to listen. It’s my greatest honor. Check out the tour videos on my Instagram as well to catch up if you’re out of the loop!❇️🤠❇️ *** Fractal Video Here 👈