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Pathways to Dynamic Solos

This exclusive instructional book and DVD set includes guitar lessons taught by young Nashville phenom Daniel Donato. The “New Master of the Telecaster” shows you his unique “pathways” concept, opening your mind and fingers to uninhibited fretboard freedom, increased music theory comprehension, and more dynamic solos!
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Learning from Daniel

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  • Private Skype Lessons
    Private Lessons
    Go one-on-one with a live Skype lesson.
  • Finger Rolls
    February 27, 2016
    Premier Guitar
    Learn how to increase your speed with hybrid picking.Understand how pedal tones work. Develop lines that combine chromaticism, string skipping, and diatonic triads.
  • Spanky Double-Stops
    November 07, 2015
    Premier Guitar
    Learn how to use a “double-stop scale.” Develop harmonized lines using hybrid picking. Understand how to economically move through a I–IV–V progression using double-stops.
  • Get Rhythm!
    August 29, 2015
    Premier Guitar
    Learn the basic elements of Western swing rhythm guitar. Understand how to imply harmony with a moving bass line. Improve your hybrid-picking technique.
  • Ghost (Notes) in the Machine
    January 17, 2015
    Premier Guitar
    Learn how to use left- and right-hand muting. Improve your hybrid picking. Understand how to combine chromaticism with double-stops.
  • A Bad Case of the Bends
    April 04, 2015
    Premier Guitar
    Learn to emulate the sound of the pedal steel guitar. Understand how to create chords using bends. Develop licks in the style of Roy Nichols and James Burton.
  • Guitar Instructor
    Guitar Instructor
    View online videos from Daniel's Book