Lose Your Mind Canvases

"Little Flashes" Keeps the shape theme pretty well and has a little activity below the shape.
"Little Universes" the loop is pretty and it spawns a couple brief universes below the shape
"Mom says it looks like a water globe" pretty active animation that gets a little buddhist looking. Makes nice patterns below the shape
"Lizard" Really intricate animations. The animation seems to grow lizard skin a little. It keeps the theme of the original shape well
"""Bright Mandala" It deviates from the initial shape a lot but is really pretty. I like the little circles that flash down to the play button
"Shot Down" nice animation and it keeps all the circles of the original shape. I like the little beam that shoots down to the play button
Tie Dye" colorful and intricate
"Big Eye" it can also get far out