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“Always Been a Lover” is out in the world!

My second single of this year. My most favorite summer vibe song that I’ve created. The song came out last Friday, 6/14, and I’m just in love with the response I have received over it. I’m mainly using Meme-Advert to try to promote the number. Although we’ve gotten a few playlist features (SEE BELOW <3) I just want to THANK y’all. Please keep sharing this song, adding it to your playlists, and spread spread spreading it. That is how traction happens in this line of magic.

DD #cosmiccountry

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“Sweet Tasting Tennessee,” music video premiere!

Recorded in the city of Spring Hill where I grew up, I’m taking the song back to where it started for me. I didn’t write it there, but it is about my experiences in this city. The person(s) I was when living there and initially developed my dream to play music everywhere I possibly could. In this video, I talk about the inception of the song from the first time I strummed the chords out on a guitar, the stories of my life that lead up to it forming lyrically, and then, I play it. In my classic green screen fashion, I take you through a cosmic southern landscape with my song and favorite leather jacket. Give it a listen.

A very special shoutout to AMERICANA HIGHWAY’S for the premiering of my video.

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Press for “Sweet Tasting Tennessee” so far!

So much of what makes a song special is the belief that listeners instill in it. Here are just a few friends of mine that have shown belief in Sweet Tasting Tennessee just 3 days after its release on all streaming platforms! (3/22) The RAISED ROWDY interview includes an interview as well as unplugged performance of the new #cosmiccountry song!

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‘Sweet Tasting Tennessee,’ – Out NOW

A new song from a new me. I’m always looking for ways to grow and challenge myself through the medium of music in aim to fulfill my true potential in life itself. This drive brings me on the road, to tour, to the cities you all live in. I miss home. A lot, sometimes. But I love my gig. I wanted to write a song that captures the feeling of home. The small things. But also, the journey, and the life of it.

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Daniel’s Podcast: Garry Tallent!

Although a household name to any Rock N’ Roll enthusiast, Garry Tallent is largely a behind the scenes entity, and he likes it that way. The longest running member of the E Street Band, since its start in 1971, Tallent has kept his love for music strong and youthful and is releasing music coming in May 2019 through Deville records, his self founded label. On this episode, with the most charming, humble, and definitive sentiment, he discusses the many ups and downs of his professional career, as well as the concept of how low expectations and the need for adventure can unlock the whole world to you if you’re willing to just believe and move forward. Tallent and Donato also discuss his experience of moving to Nashville in 1989, and how one can adapt to the ever-changing tides in the music industry. This interview is currently the only long form audio dialogue of Tallent’s initial foray into music and love for Rock N’ Roll.